We Are Your One-Stop Solution For Cash Loans

LoanConnect is your one-stop solution for cash loans. By partnering with various lenders across Canada, we are sure to provide you with a cash loan for whatever aspect of life you need it for. We help Canadians find the right loan by presenting them with various options. By filling out a quick loan application, you can get a multitude of loan options at your fingertips in seconds.

If you have bad credit, no problem. A number of our partners are ready and willing to loan out to Canadians with bad credit. Don’t let your credit score stop you from getting the loan you need, apply today and be surprised by the results.

Cash loans have a variety of applications, and you can use the money for just about anything! Get your own cash loan options in just four easy steps.

 Loan Application

Our loan application is quick. Answer a few simple questions and then move to the pre-approval process.

Get Pre-Approved 

After you have filled out your loan application, get what you qualify for in as little as 60 seconds.

Pick the Right Loan For You

After you have been presented with the best options, pick a loan that best suits your needs.

Get Your Cash

 You can get your cash in as little a 24 hours from the time of your application, It’s that simple!

Applying For a Loan With LoanConnect Will Not Impact Your Credit Score.

We Have Cash Loans For Every Aspect of Life

Renovation Loans

If you are looking to renovate your home, a cash loan can you help you reach your goal in no time.

Eliminate Credit Card Debt

Using a cash loan with a lower interest rate to eliminate credit card debt can save you thousands in interest payments.

Lifestyle Purchases

Have you had your eyes set on a new boat? Or maybe that motorcycle you’ve always wanted? Take out a cash loan and get the things you deserve.

Continuing Education

Looking to continue your education but don’t qualify for traditional student loans? A cash loan can help you achieve your academic dreams.

Business Capital

Need more capital to purchase inventory or pay expenses? A cash loan can help take your small business to the next level.

Life Events

Marriages, honeymoons and more, a cash loan can help you pay or the events in life that matter most.

Having a Baby

Having a baby is one of the most exciting things in life, but the expenses aren’t. A cash loan can help you with some of the initial expenses.

Whether it’s a medical emergency, or something else, a cash loan can do the trick in a sticky situation.


Looking to go on a vacation but are short on cash? Take out a cash loan and get ready for your flight, you deserve it!


Why LoanConnect?

LoanConnect is an innovative solution to loans, allowing you to find some of the best loan options the market has to offer in a matter of minutes, saving you hours of tedious research. With partners across Canada, we have loan solutions for virtually every aspect of life. Over the last two years, we have processed over $500 million in Canadian loan applications, and continue to help Canadians find the loans they need quickly, and at some of the best rates around.


LoanConnect is 100% dedicated to finding you the right loan. You can contact our dedicated and professional customer service agents who will gladly help you navigate your options.


Thousands of Canadians have trusted us with their loan needs, and many more continue to trust us every day.


All of our lenders are verified and vetted, ensuring that you are always working with nothing but professionals.


Get pre-approved in as little as 60 seconds, and get your cash in as little as 24 hours from the time of your application.

Won’t impact Your Credit

Applying for a loan with LoanConnect WILL NOT impact your credit in any way shape or form.


We take your security and safety very seriously, and take all the appropriate steps to ensure that your personal information is guarded.


What is a cash loan?

A cash loan is precisely what it sounds like, it’s a loan that offers you cash to spend on whatever you want or need. Unlike item-specific loans, like a mortgage or an auto loan, a cash loan doesn’t have the same restrictions on how the money can be used. It is also usually a much shorter term loan, from 6 to 60 months.

How is LoanConnect different?

Unlike your bank, an online cash loan from LoanConnect is easy to get and allows you to do what you want with the money.

LoanConnect is a loan provider that looks at your future, not your past. Bad credit should not be a permanent stop to getting the loan that you need. We work with your current situation, what your future will look like, and what you need from us to help you get the money you need.

It’s a quick four-step path:

  1. We search scores of Canada’s lenders and tailor a loan to your needs, regardless of your credit score.
  2. The application process takes less than 5 minutes. We make the process seamless and painless for you.
  3. Pick the loan that best fits your needs and wants. The payment periods are 3 to 60 months with rates as low as 4.6% APR.
  4. Get your money the same day.

What should I use a cash loan for?

As with any loan, you should try to use it for something that you are willing to make payments for. Even a vacation or Christmas presents are reasons for a loan.

Often people get cash loans for:

  • Home repairs - Sometimes the need for a new roof or to replace a window exceeds your wallet’s ability to handle it. A cash loan is perfect for this situation.
  • Auto repairs - If your car breaks down, you can find yourself unable to get to work or school. A short-term loan can help get your car fixed so you can get back to your life.
  • Appliance breakdowns - If the refrigerator or the furnace breaks down, it can be a huge investment. A cash loan is a great way to get a new appliance and have some extra time to pay for it.
  • A tough spot - Sometimes, our job isn’t quite paying the bills or the business is closed for a week and you’re not getting vacation pay. This is a great time for a cash loan.
  • Small business loan - Many businesses are seasonal. When things are great, everything is fine, but there are still bills in the lean months. A cash loan can float a business over these months easier and with less stress.

Why choose LoanConnect?

LoanConnect is one of Canada’s leading rate comparison platforms. We don’t make loans. Instead, we gather resources from all over the country so that you can get the best rates and the best terms for your short-term loan.

Customer service is at the core of our success. We work hard to get you the loans that you need at the very best rates and with the best terms.

Since we don’t actually make the loans, we give you an unbiased and complete list of the companies that can give you the money that you need. You can choose the offer that suits your needs best.

The most important thing about a cash loan

The most important thing about a cash loan is that you should have a plan to pay it back easily and on time.

If you’re able to get a good credit loan, you can use that same loan to improve your credit. You can improve your interest rate or terms next time by making sure that you pay off your loan on time this time.

How are interest rates decided?

Of course, ultimately, all interest rates are set by the company making the loan. They can ask for any interest rate they want, but, to stay competitive, they will all usually follow similar guidelines:

  • Start with the Prime Rate - This is the cost that banks pay the central bank to borrow money. This is the interest rate that everyone’s always talking about on television.
  • Add to the prime rate - You might see something like prime plus 1.5%. If the prime rate is 4%, the company will charge 5.5%.
  • Adjust for credit rating - Your credit rating doesn’t only decide whether you get a loan or not, but it also helps the loan company decide what interest rate to charge. Essentially, as they see it, the lower your credit rating, the higher the risk and therefore, the higher the interest rate.

What if I have a high-interest loan?

Of course, the short answer is to make your payments on time, but there are a few things you can do reduce the amount that the interest really costs you.

  • Make double payments - Pay twice the amount that your payment is scheduled for. Most loans don’t punish you for making payments early. Paying twice the amount will reduce the interest cost significantly.
  • Make two payments per month - One of the easiest ways to reduce the interest cost is to make two payments every month. Many of us get two paychecks per month. Instead of making the whole payment at once, make two half payments. Since there are 52 weeks in a year, and you are paying bi-weekly 26 times, you will effectively pay one additional monthly payment yearly.

A bit of extra effort will not only reduce your expenses but will improve your credit rating and eventually many, many aspects of your life.

Whether you need a short-term, cash loan to carry you over a tough period or make an emergency repair, it can also be a springboard to a better life. LoanConnect is your partner in finding the right loan to fit your needs and your life.