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About LoanConnect

Launched in 2016, LoanConnect is a financing solutions provider based in London, Ontario.  The company is dedicated to making people’s lives better by providing access to financing alternatives which give them more control over their financial well being.  

To provide quick financing solutions through a choice of lenders for all consumers, regardless of where they fall on the credit spectrum, whenever and wherever they need it. An ecosystem of lenders guided by LoanConnect’s AI. LoanConnect uses technology to help consumers search multiple lenders for competitive loan options in real-time. 

How to Become a Contributor

We’re looking for individuals who have industry knowledge, experience and information that can provide informative content for our consumer base. The article should be relevant to our audience and business. It should be purposeful, informative, well-structured and follows our guidelines. You may submit content on any of the topics listed below.



·        The content of your article should be at least 800 words, well-researched, organized and free of grammatical errors.

·        You will need to provide royalty free image or infographics to be featured with your content.

·        You may also provide meta title and meta description for your blog post.

·        The content should be unique for our publishing on our site. It must not be published or shared anywhere else before or after submission.

·        Please ensure that your content is 100% original. We will check for and ban any material that is plagiarised.

·        You can include 1 do-follow link to your website within the content or Author Bio and 1 link to a high authority site referencing facts and statistical data.

·        Please limit the Author Bio to no more than 60-80 words.




·        Personal Finance

·        Business

·        Investment and Money Saving Tips

·        Personal Loans

·        Short Term Loans

·        Guarantor Loans

·        Auto Loans/Auto Finance

·        Debt Consolidation

·        Credit Cards

·        Identity Theft

·        Credit Scores and Reporting

·        Tax Planning/Income Tax


How to Submit

You can send your blog for review to Please amend the subject line to read "Blog Submission” and ensure you include the following:

·        A Google doc link to your blog

·        A brief summary of your article and the intended audience

·        Your Author Bio limited to no more than 80 words


What Happens if Your Blog is Not Accepted?

Upon review, if we determine that your content is plagiarised, not suitable for our target audience or does not meet the style and tone of our website then we will notify you accordingly.