About Us

LoanConnect has developed a search engine that enables consumers to go online and search for loans from various Canadian lending institutions. We help connect consumers looking to finance goods or services with loan organizations that offer loans outside of traditional mortgages or lines of credit.

Our aim is to provide Canadians with easier access to credit from the growing number of private lending institutions located across the country. The loans are meant to be used to cover the cost of home renovations, legal fees, veterinary bills, medical procedures, furniture purchases, consumer purchases, repayment of payday loans, and other products or services that require loans under $50,000.

LoanConnect also works directly with business owners and sales professionals by offering them a consumer portal. Companies that utilize our service can log their clients onto their portal and lead them through an application for financing that offers an instant loan to cover the cost of their product or service.

At LoanConnect, we provide loan options for three different markets:

  • 1. End-Consumer: Individuals or companies looking for a loan independently
  • 2. Consumer Portal: Business owners looking to secure new business by helping their clients apply for a loan that covers the cost of their product or service
  • 3. Poor Credit Loans: Individuals looking for poor credit loans, who would like to be approved at a competitive rates
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