Vision, Mission, Values

LoanConnect aims to be Canada’s premier online loan search and approval institution. Our partnership with various lenders allows Canadian’s easy access to instant approval credit at competitive rates. We aspire to be the trusted go-to website for those looking for financing from Canadian private lending institutions. We strive to achieve this through providing a superior online-lending experience; one where Canadian consumers are given a menu of qualified credit options, are provided with first class customer service, and are empowered to make an educated choice regarding the credit that best suits their needs and wants.

We at LoanConnect are about giving Canadians easier access to the money they need. We’re about stimulating the local economy and helping Canadian business owner’s conduct business. We’re about helping people build that dream kitchen, take that perfect vacation, or give their pet the care they deserve. Ultimately, we’re about helping people fulfill their needs and dreams at a cost they can afford.

  • Entrepreneurial Spirit
  • A Commitment to Creativity
  • The Customer is Our Number 1 Priority
  • Providing Value for Canadians
  • Striving to Be Better
  • Uncompromising Integrity and Accountability