The COVID-19 situation across the world has been developing quickly. Companies all over the world have responded by closing physical storefronts and asking the employees to work from home. 

This is uncharted territory for the world and its citizens—where we all face the same threat and must come together in solidarity to fight transmission of this disease and minimize risk to those that are most susceptible.

At LoanConnect, the health of our customers, employees and business partners is of the highest priority. That said, we continue to follow the advice from Health Canada and our team continues to work full time without interruption with full remote ‘work from home’ capabilities; ensuring we are here to continue providing financial support to those realising financial struggles. 

What are we doing for our customers?

We are working very closely with our lending partners to ensure customer support functions remain operational; and ultimately, that our lending partners continue to receive loan applications and have the capacity to fund customers in need.

We will continue to monitor the situation and adapt our business processes as needed.

This is uncharted territory for many Canadians who are now facing workplace shutdowns, layoffs and quarantines. We will do everything possible to keep serving our customers who are in need.
Adam Rice
CEO, LoanConnect




*APR ranges from 6.99% to 46.96%, and loan repayment terms range from 3-120 months. As an example, the total cost of borrowing a $2000 unsecured personal loan at 29.96% for 24 months is $2685.12, or $111.88 monthly. Additional administration fees may apply and vary by lender. Annual Percentage Rate (APR), loan term and monthly payments shown are estimated based on information you provide and that which is made available from our lender network. Terms are subject to final credit review and approval, and interest rates are subject to change at any time and may vary by province. Fees may apply and vary by province/territory, and may include insurance, administration, home valuations and other applicable fees. Be sure to review the lender’s Terms and Conditions and all available loan documents carefully before proceeding.
**Auto loan APR starting as low as 4.99% with loan repayment terms between 72 and 84 months.