Having a Budget-Friendly Valentine’s Day to Remember

Valentine's Day

Every February 14th, people find unique ways to lavish their loved ones with representations of their love and admiration. Valentine’s Day gifts range from the extravagant and expensive to the homemade and priceless. While it is natural to want to give your lover, friend, or family member a present to represent how much they mean to you, there is no reason that the present must break the bank. You cannot measure love in dollars and cents but rather in respect and gratitude. There are at least eight traditional Valentine gifts that you can give while being fiscally responsible.

1. Buy a Single Rose 

Roses are Valentine’s Day staples. Who doesn’t appreciate a dozen prime red roses? But you do not need to buy so many. A single red rose is often more romantic than a bundle, and better still is finding out the favorite flower of the recipient and purchasing that instead.

Carnations, tulips, lilies, and daisies are several other popular flower options, and none are as expensive as roses. The main point is to buy a flower or flowers that your loved one actually likes—not spending top dollar for flowers that people say you should buy.

2. Write a Valentine’s Day Love Note 

Valentine’s Day is a designated time of the year to name what you love and who you love and to identify the quirks and characteristics that drive and motivate your feelings. There is no better way to say you love someone than with a note written in your own words.

Love letters are traditional, and some may find the notion cliché or out of touch with the current tech-savvy society, but there is something profoundly romantic about a handwritten proclamation. The best part about a love note is its price. Premium paper and a pen are all you need. You can even purchase blank card stock or predesigned cards with a blank interior. However, make sure you figure out what you want to say before writing in the final card or on the card stock.

3. Create a Valentine’s Day Playlist 

People have been using music to express their feelings for decades. Before playlists, lovestruck individuals used cassettes to create mixtapes. The beauty of making a Valentine’s Day playlist is that it is often free if made from songs you already own. You can even find apps that will allow you to share your playlist for free.

4. Buy a Special Book 

Are you or your loved one a bookworm? Consider buying a book they want or one you think they may like. If you do not know of any book, in particular, consider purchasing a gift card to a local bookstore or website.

You do not have to be so on the nose with your purchase either. The book you buy can hint about other Valentine’s adventures, a secret message, or relate to an inside joke.

5. Say it with Candy 

Like music, cards, and flowers, candy is also a traditional Valentine’s Day present. Today, you have the option of customizing these delicious treats with messages specific to your loved one or relationship. Still, even if customization isn’t for you, there are plenty of Valentine’s themed candies that will not break the bank.

One of the classic candy traditions is buying a heart-shaped box of chocolates. The candies typically come in a mix, but you can also find options for your loved one’s favorites.

6. Select Jewelry 

Most men want to buy their girlfriends, fiancés, or wives jewelry on Valentine’s, but they often assume that the more expensive, the better. However, not all women care about the gift’s value; they often value the sentiment more. Take time to consider your loved one’s taste and preferences. From the type of metal used to the jewels, if any, find a piece that is unique to the recipient. You can even consider costume options or a DIY design.

7. Take a Valentine’s Day Trip 

Since the Valentine’s Day objective is to show your appreciation for your loved one and spend as much time with them as possible, consider a day or weekend getaway. You do not need to fly across the globe. To keep expenses manageable, consider taking an evening or weekend trip into the city. If you live in the city, think about taking a trip to a cabin or skiing. The idea is to do something you don’t usually do, and to do it together.

Finding the money for a weekend trip or the ideal Valentine’s Day present does not need to be complicated. You can find several unique gifts on a limited budget. However, if you are set on making this holiday one to remember, consider finding and securing a personal loan through LoanConnect. If you can reduce your monthly expenses, you might be able to afford to splurge a little for that special someone in your life.


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