What is FinTech?

Canadian based fintech (Financial Technology) is making global news through producing platforms that are transforming the face of global financial transactions. In 2014, Information Venture Partners indicated investment in financial technology had grown from $3 billion to $6.8 billion within a year.

Changing the Face of Financial Transactions

The goal of fintech is to make people’s lives easier when it comes to financial transactions. Through innovation and dedication, fintech has developed cutting-edge technologies that redefine convenience in the financial sector. A few examples of Canadian companies leading the pack are WealthSimple and FundThrough.

Over the past few years, fintech has brought together an alliance of 20 cities around the globe. Their goal is to change the face of global financial transactions in nearly every way possible. Canadian fintech organizations are pushing to make Toronto one of the leading fintech cities in this movement. One truth is that the fintech movement is going to change the way we do financial transactions with accelerating speed.

FinTech Loans and Lending Tree in the USA

If you’re looking for a loan in the US, Lending Tree, a fintech loan marketplace, is an excellent option. The company searches various lenders to provide borrowers with a tailored menu of loan options from a number of providers.

To date, Lending Tree has approved nearly 55 million loan requests. Amounting to $251 billion in closed loan transactions serviced. They have achieved this volume by providing convenience to their customers by doing the loan searching for them. Their results present customers with a number of lenders for instant approval loans, at the best rates. Additionally, the money is generally in the borrower’s account within 24 hours—something many banks simply just aren’t capable of achieving.

Canada Deserves a Loan Marketplace Too!!

Asset Direct is a Canadian Fintech company that is spearheading the development of a loan marketplace in Canada. The company plugs into lender’s backend systems through an integrated loan application that provides live pre-approval and secure client handoff. Before Asset Direct this didn’t exist.

Do you want to improve your credit, grow your business or buy something nice? You can visit Asset Direct to find the best lender and rates. Lending Tree’s tagline “When Banks Compete, You Win” finally rings true for Canada as well.


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