In a related article, we suggested that if you are in a position of facing financial difficulties resulting from COVID-19, it would be a good idea to contact your lenders and credit card issuers. This is to see if they have a contingency plan in place to help consumers who are going through financial hardship. We would like to further assist in the matter by sharing the latest announcements and contact details.

Some of Canada’s big banks have shared similar views in agreement to offer mortgage deferrals. Other lending institutions are also following in their footsteps as thousands of Canadians are finding themselves out of employment with businesses temporarily closing their doors. Most non-bank lenders have also adopted their own deferral measures. Below is a list of banks, credit card companies, credit unions and other lending institutions.

Credit Card CompaniesContact Details
American Express1-800-869-3016
TD Canada Trust1-800-983-8472
National Bank1-888-835-6281
PC Financial1-866-246-7262
Canadian Tire1-800-459-6415
Capital One1-800-481-3239
Mortgage Finance CompaniesContact Details
MCAP / RMG1-866-809-5800
First National1-800-465-0039
TD Canada Trust1-855-202-1164
Home Trust Company1-877-903-2133
Street Capital1-877-416-7873
Equitable Bank1-888-334-3313
Merix Financial1-888-637-4920
Manulife Bank1-877-765-2265
Mortgage Finance CompaniesAnnouncements
GenworthCOVID-19 Update
Canada GuarantyCOVID-19 Update
Royal Bank of CanadaCOVID-19 Update
Bank of MontrealCOVID-19 Update
ScotiabankCOVID-19 Update
CIBC BankCOVID-19 Update
National Bank of CanadaCOVID-19 Update
HSBC BankCOVID-19 Update
Canadian Western BankCOVID-19 Update
Laurentian BankCOVID-19 Update
Credit UnionsAnnouncements
Alterna SavingsCOVID-19 Update
Coast CapitalCOVID-19 Update
DesjardinsCOVID-19 Update
Meridian Credit UnionCOVID-19 Update
VancityCOVID-19 Update
Alternative LendersAnnouncements
B2B BankCOVID-19 Update
CMLS FinancialCOVID-19 Update
Equitable BankCOVID-19 Update
First NationalCOVID-19 Update
Haventree BankCOVID-19 Update
Home TrustCOVID-19 Update
HomeEquityCOVID-19 Update
Manulife BankCOVID-19 Update
MCAP CorporationCOVID-19 Update
MotusbankCOVID-19 Update
Peoples GroupCOVID-19 Update
Simplii FinancialCOVID-19 Update
TangerineCOVID-19 Update

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